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With over 300 days of sunshine per year, solar makes sense!
Find out how much you can save by switching to solar with $0 down.

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Affordable Solar Colorado

Affordable Solar Colorado provides solar power excellence in all of Colorado. Our team members have expertise adapting solar power systems to meet your unique needs. We provide solar expertise for home, business, grid-tied and off-grid installation.

Why switch to solar?

Solar saves you money

  • No money out of pocket
  • Federal and local incentives
  • Fixed cost replaces current electric bill
  • Own outright
  • Approximate 6% ROI first year

Renewable energy is not the future, it's NOW

Currently there is enough solar in Colorado to power 450,000+ homes and that number is growing quickly. Why? Because with unlimited energy from the sun, and Colorado having over 300 sunny days per year, there is tremendous solar potential. Become independent from the utility company and make the switch to solar today!

Solar Power and EVs

Solar can power your home and your electric car. Not only will you no longer purchase electricity from the utility company, you will also no longer purchase gas or require oil changes for your solar powered automobile!

Local solar installation in Falcon, CO
Local solar installation in Falcon, CO

Modern, Clean Energy

Solar power as an electrical source for your home or business is the clean alternative to electricity created from burning fossil fuels. You can enjoy saving money and reduce your carbon footprint with solar.

Long-term Savings on Electricity

Harvesting the power of the sun, many solar power customers reduce their consumption by 50% or more. In some cases, clients actually get paid from the electric company for excess clean energy. We can maximize the benefits your solar system provides.

Where Honesty and Expertise Meet

The team as Affordable Solar Colorado is passionate about solar energy and its many possibilities.  We are committed to providing you with an honest evaluation of your home or business to determine if solar makes sense for your needs.

Modern Solar is Affordable

Installing a solar panel system today is much less costly than when systems were first released. As more companies begin to manufacture solar panels and technology advances, prices continue to drop. We can provide you with a cost estimate and help you explore tax incentives.