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design-quote-pagePersonalized Solar Design

The first step in finding out how you may benefit from solar is creating a personalized solar design for your home.  Once we collect your electric usage, we can then send the information to our Designer Team, and they will create a picture of the system on your home via satellite images. The size of the system is based on your electric usage.

Your Energy Needs

In order to provide you with an accurate cost analysis of solar benefits, we need to collect your electric usage information. This will enable us to show you exactly what size solar system you would need and how much money you will save. We will need the kWh and dollar amount for each month for the past 12 months to create your personalized solar design. You can access this information from your utility bills, online (if you have set up for online access,) or we can do a 3-way phone call with you and your utility, which only takes a few minutes.

Request Your Personalized Solar Design

Contact us by phone, 719-394-8550, to request your personalized solar design, or complete the Contact us information below to request your personalized solar design.  Our Design Team takes 48 hours to complete our requests. Once completed, we can show you everything about your personalized design in person.

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Find out how much money you can save by switching to solar with $0 down!

We love our customers, and would love to schedule some time to chat. Be sure and leave a phone number if you’d like us to give you a call, or better yet, give us a call at 719-394-8550 for your personalized solar design.