Colorado Solar Consequences


We’ve had solar on our roof for 5 years now. That’s 5 years of an electric bill of only the connection fee to our utility company (approximately $15/month.) We drive an EV and are still producing more energy than we use. That excess energy goes back out onto the grid and our utility company sells… [Read More]

Solar Equals Energy Independence


   Last winter’s storm in Texas caused power outages lasting for days. Oppressive heat is causing unprecedented demand on electric grids across the country with blackouts the result. Many people are considering the peace of mind that comes with not having to depend on the utility company for their electricity needs. What can you do… [Read More]

Avoid Colorado Springs electric rate increase

Drake Power Plant

Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) is doing the right thing for the future of growing Colorado Springs communities by enacting an Energy Vision, outlining the future renewable energy goals, efficiency goals, and resource planning for meeting energy needs over the next 30 years. Colorado State law is the driven force behind the CSU Energy Vision, and “doing the… [Read More]


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